Sunday, November 22, 2009

Journalism Blog #2

A.)What was the article about?

The Article was about a Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. He spoke at Dalton High School and he changed/approved the article that was written for the Daltonian, their high school paper. His office wanted to edit the article before the speech even came out, using quotations from two grown adults.

B.) How does all the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism along with the conduct and production of our own newspaper, the Tiger Rag?

In journalism, you should only write the facts and statistics, not just what the readers want to hear…then the paper would be unprofessional. Not to mention, in our class, we have reliable writers that get the job done and it produces a good paper. Even though the publishers screwed up the due dates... The profession of journalism applies to our class, because we have to consider the amendments and how we can say what we want, but have to consider the consequences, like what the principles and Mr. Ayer have to approve and what the effects.

C.) What questions are you left with? Share at least two, and feel free to elaborate on them thoughtfully.

1.) I don’t get why Justice would do this? Maybe I didn’t read the material fully, but it doesn’t make sense to me...
2.) Didn’t Justice trust that the quotes were right, or why did he double check with that?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Women, Journalism, and the Workplace Op-Ed Response

A.) This article is about women and how far they've come in society. It tells about how some women are taken for granted. Also, it reviews about how sexual harassment was a regular everyday basis thing.

B.) This affects me personally, because I am a female. I am in journalism and learning to write for our paper "Tiger Rag." It shows how dedicated some women were to their profession and they learned to do many things a guy would do to fit into their roles in society.

C.) One question I have is if another tragic or historical event occurs, will it effect women and their jobs and/or wages? Will they lose jobs or gain jobs? Will they make more money or less money? Another question I have is how can we get society to think more of women in society, their roles, duties, and salary. Will women ever be named equal to men?